We Offer Competitive Rates For Our Kolkata Escorts. Our Website And Payment Process Are Exceedingly Secure. Payments Are Encrypted For Maximum Security. Payment Base Can Be Per Hour Or Per Day Depending Upon Your Needs Or Model Selected. Our Rates Are Based On The Escorts Services Requested And Model Chosen. Because Our Models Are Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week, We Offer Both Hour Rates And Daily Rates. Some Of Our Models Even Offer A Weekend Rate And Can Be Hired For A Full Weekend Experience, If Requested.
We Guarantee 100% Client Satisfaction With All Of Our Kolkata Escorts. You Can Be Assured That No Matter Which Escort You Choose, Or What Services You Request, You Will Receive The Best Service For Your Money. Our Rates Reflect Our Top-Tier Service And Satisfaction Guarantee. Ifyou Are Not Fully Satisfied With Our Services, Let Us Know. We Are Committed To Resolve Any Issues To Guarantee Your Full Satisfaction.
We Have Pricing To Reflect In-Call Services, And Services At Our Hotels. Pricing May Vary Depending Upon Service Requested Or Model Selected. We Sometimes Provide Additional Services That Are Not Listed On Our Service Page, And Those May Come At An Additional Fee. If You Are Unsure Of Rate For A Specific Request Or Model, Please Get In Touch With Us. We Also Promote Repeat Customer Services, Whether You Are A Local From Kolkata Or A Visitor In The City. Discounts And Other Deals Are Available For Frequent Customers And Repeat Customers.
If You Have A Question On Our Rates, Please Call Us At 9830698308 Or Get In Touch Through Our WhatsApp Messaging. We Want You To Be Satisfied With Your Experience And Continue Coming Back To Us Whenever You Are In Need Of A Kolkata Escort.

1 Shot    7,000 – 8,000/-

2 Shot   8,000 – 12,000/-

3 Shot   15,000 – 20,000/-

Full Night   20,000 – 25,000/-

1 Shot   7,000 – 10,000/-

2 Shot   8,000 – 12,000/-

3 Shot   15,000 – 20,000/-

Full Night  20,000 – 25,000/-

1 Shot   8,000 – 12,000/-

2 Shot   12,000 – 20,000/-

3 Shot   18,000 – 30,000/-

Full Night   30,000 – 35,000/-

1 Shot   10,000 – 15,000/-

2 Shot   15,000 – 20,000/-

3 Shot   20,000 – 45,000/-

Full Night   45,000 – 55,000/-

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